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This is the Japan-related files and programs archive at ftp.funet.fi. Please send comments to haa@ftp.funet.fi.

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The /pub/culture/japan archives at ftp.funet.fi contains a selection of Japan-related programs and files. We mirror several of the major other Japanese ftp archives, please check the mirrors subdirectory.

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amiga (directory)
Programs and stuff for the Amiga computer.
fonts (directory)
There are a number of available Japanese fonts. Please keep in mind, that the font files are really LARGE, so if you're outside the Nordic countries, please try to find another location for your ftp.
info (directory)
The info directory contains information about japanese on computers. General-style information is here, not in the individual subdirectories for different computer families.
mac (directory)
The mac directory contains Japanese related programs for the Macintosh line of computers. You will need a kanji system on your Mac to use most of these programs.
message (8 kilobytes)
mirrors (directory)
Some noteworthy Japan-related ftp-sites are mirrored here. The Monash archive has lots of software and the EDICT dictionaries. The UJIP archive has lots of add-on materials for that great book.
misc (directory)
Miscellaneous programs, which are not for any specific computer architecture.
origami (directory)
This directory contains origami instructions and stuff. It's handled by joha@ftp.funet.fi.
pc (directory)
This directory contains Japanese related programs for PC compatible machines. NOTE: Please also check the mirrors/monash directory, it has more up-to-date stuff! I do not have a PC, so I have not tested most of this stuff.
see-also (directory)
See also these pointers (symlinks) to other parts of nic.funet.fi's archives, where you may find interesting Japan related stuff.
sony-news (directory)
This directory contains stuff for the Sony NEWS UNIX workstations, which already have a good support for using Japanese (or Korean or Chinese).
study (directory)
This directory contains generic stuff which is useful for people studying japanese language.
tex (directory)
The TeX directory contains Japanese versions of the TeX typesetting package. The fonts you may need, are in the fonts directory (BDF fonts).
unix (directory)
Japanese related programs for UNIX platforms.
x11 (directory)
The X directory contains Japanese programs for the X window system. The X11R% distribution already contains a multi-lingual xterm.

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