Walkthrough for Sex Artist, The

Sex Artist Solution by A. Ninny

This is not a move-by-move solution. It is, rather, a narrative to help you complete the game and experience all the sex scenes.

You start the game in the bedroom of your apartment and notice that the message light on your phone is blinking. Play the message. It is from Claire, your high maintenance sort-of girlfriend. You can call her to find out that she's invited you to take her to the opera. Unfortunately, you appear to be broke, so you'll have to go out and get some money in order to take her.
On your way out, you grab your sketchbook and pen from your studio, then head to the park. What's this? A PDA couple? Go east to get a closer look. They are unaware of your presence, so you can safely watch them go at it, or, better yet, sketch them. You like your sketch, and they still are unaware, so make another, and another (earn 5 pts.). They finally look up and see you and invite you up to their apartment so you can draw them having sex. Go north to follow them.

Liz & Jim:
When you arrive at Liz and Jim's place, you're handed a vodka tonic. Drink it and Jim will refill it. Give it to him. When he gives you an agreement to sign, ask him about it before you sign it so he'll modify it to make it less harsh. Turn on some music to set the mood. Have Jim kiss Liz, then she'll let him undress her (or she'll undress herself). Don't try to get in on the action ' yet, or you'll piss Jim off. Give them instructions as to what you want them to do, then draw them right after they do it (5 pts.). Do this repeatedly until you have a nice collection of drawings, and eventually Liz and Jim will be so worked up that you'll get invited to join in (earn 10 pts. when you fuck Liz). Note that this sex scene has two locations: Jim's living room and his bedroom. After Jim and Liz begin to get it on, go west and they'll follow you into the bedroom. You can move back and forth for different sex in each location.
When you get bored with them you can leave, Jim will give you $200 as a deposit on your commission. You can go home now and create the paintings or you can head over to the Opera to meet Claire.

Claire meets you outside the opera house. If you're not dressed up she makes a snide comment, but you can disregard it. Go to the box office to buy your tickets. Once you have them, head in and up to your seats. When you enter the auditorium you'll sit in your seats and watch acts I and II. During intermission, go back into the upper (or main) lobby and wait in line for drinks. Buy some wine or beer. Claire will go to the bathroom and return just in time for the start of act III. In the seats during act III, Claire is suddenly much more romantic. You can get it on with her up to fondling her under her dress (10 pts.). At the conclusion of the opera, she'll suggest you take her out for her birthday. Ask her about her birthday to make the date at le Boeuf. Also ask her about art to find out whether she can get your work shown at the gallery. When you leave the opera house Claire makes an excuse and leaves.

Painting Liz and Jim:
Back at your studio, get your still life and your brushes. You'll set a new canvas on the easel. Clean your brushes and start to 'paint Liz'. You'll need your sketchbook handy. You can make three paintings of them, but it doesn't actually matter whether you paint one or more than one.

Take the painting(s) and head over to Jim and Liz's condo. Don't go up. Instead ask the doorman about Liz or Jim (if you skip this step, you can still sell the paintings to Liz, but Jim will be there and you won't get anywhere with Liz). He'll express an interest in seeing the paintings, so you can show them to him. He offers you a deal: loan him a painting and he'll call you when Liz is alone in the condo. Give him the painting and go home to wait for his call. When he calls, return to the lobby and he'll give you the painting and send you up to see Liz.
Show the paintings to Liz (one at a time). She'll get so worked up looking at them that she'll invite you for some fun (earn 10 pts. when you fuck her). Again, move west for more action in the bedroom. Eventually, you'll be interrupted by Jim who arrives, buys up to two paintings (the third is immaterial) and sends you on your way. If you sell them only one painting you will still have earned enough money to complete the game.

When you're walking by the restaurant (at any time), take a look at the menu posted outside. Read it. Then go home and call the restaurant to make a reservation. Head out to the gift shop and buy Claire a birthday present. It doesn't matter which one you get (you'll get slightly varied descriptions later on, but that's it). There's no sex with Angie in this game ' you'll have to play Last Minute Gift by A. Bomire to have fun with her. Return home, go into your closet and get your suit. Change into your suit and go to the restaurant. When you enter the restaurant, Claire will be waiting for you. She'll be there if you don't buy a gift, but you'll miss out on the handjob. Ask the host about your reservation, and he'll show you to your table. Give the gift to Claire. Ask her about art again, and she'll tell you she has arranged for a model to come to your studio. During the restaurant scene, all you need to do is eat the food when it arrives, but you can also order wine and talk to the host and the sommelier. You can also examine each course separately as it arrives (As a POI, all the food descriptions were based on photos posted at http://www.trurestaurant.com). When the dessert arrives, Claire will sit next to you and you can ask her to give you a hand job under the table (10 pts. After you finish your dessert, the waiter will bring the check. Pay the check and leave the restaurant. Claire will once again leave you on the sidewalk.

Return home and change back into your normal clothes. Toni arrives at your studio. Have her strip, then pose her. You'll get the choice, but you won't be allowed to pose her in a raunchy position. Paint her. Go into your room and call Claire. She'll arrive in a few turns. After Claire is here, Toni will reluctantly allow herself to be posed in a raunchy position (5 pts). Paint her several times (re-pose her after each painting). When you've gotten some good raunchy paintings of her, she'll actually let you paint on her body (5 pts). You can continue to 'paint Toni', or you can choose what part of her body to paint on, either her back, ass, tits, legs or belly. When you've done that three times, she'll be extremely worked up and she and Claire go into your bedroom. Follow them in there and Claire becomes the sex artist, creating tableaus that you and Toni act out. After Claire's gauntlet is complete (10 pts), she'll join in for a while (you can't fuck or get a blowjob from Claire during this scene), but soon she'll get a call from her boss and have to leave. Toni leaves as well.

Remove your clothes, go to your studio, look in the mirror and paint yourself. Get dressed, take the self-nude painting and go to the gallery with it. When you arrive with it, Claire will take it to show her boss and you go home to wait. Claire calls, exuberant, to tell you that she's gotten you your show (10 pts.). Quickly flash forward to after the show's opening: Claire takes you to her loft for the final sex scene (20 pts. and win the game when you fuck her).