Walkthrough for What Heart Of, Ghost Guessed

By Amanda Walker

The walkthrough is divided into individual rooms. Click on a room to see the walkthrough section for it.

I strongly recommend that you read the HELP section.

There is also a HINT function in the game.

Shadowy Place/Attic (blue)

>x mirror

>x locket

>excite blue door


Note: You can’t get into the chest until the end of the game.


>x coiled piece of leather

>x shelf

>x vase

To get into the vase: You can’t do this until you’ve examined the picture in the Alcove. Once you have examined it, you can desire the vase from any room and it will break.

Note: the muttering and clomping will stop as soon as you've examined everything in the closet and leave it. You'll be able to go downstairs now.

Study (green)

>x tin soldier

>hate tin soldier

Bathroom (orange)

>x bathrobe

>fear mirror

>x note

Alcove (indigo)

>x picture

Note: Now you can desire the vase in the Closet (or anything associated with Ian) from here or anywhere.

Comfortable Bedroom (violet)

>desire bottom drawer

>x box

>love lock

>desire key (if you have gotten the key out of the vase)

>hate lock

>excite box

>x syringe

Other things here to learn more of the story: >desire middle drawer, >x piece of paper, >x loveseat

North Hallway

To get into the red door:

>x red door

>x keypad

The note in the bathroom provides the clue for this: a rainbow and a mention of changing the combination of the keypad. Examine all the colored doors: blue at the landing, yellow, green, and violet in the South Hallway, orange, indigo, and red in the North Hallway. They all have a number associated with them. The order of a rainbow is ROYGBIV.

>anger 9, >anger 8, >anger 4, >anger 1, >anger 6, >anger 3, >anger 2

>excite red door


Note: You can’t go down the stairs at this point in the game.

Master Bedroom (red)

>x old man

>x table

>x book

Other things here to learn more of the story: >x nightstand, >x legal document, >x letter, >excite book

South Hallway

To open the green door:

>excite green door


To open the violet door:

>excite violet door


To open the yellow door:

>elate bar

>desire bar

>excite yellow door


Other things here to learn more of the story: >x painting

Prison Room (yellow)

>elate painting


>anger black button

Other things here to learn more of the story: >x easel, >x night table, >x photograph, >x bookshelf


>x housekeeper

>regret housekeeper


Living Room

>x portrait

Now you can go back up to the Attic (S,U,S,U,E) where you started and confuse the latch on the chest. Excite chest, x body, come back down to foyer. (note: you can rage anything on your way).


>confuse iron handle (only allowed after you open the chest in the Attic. See Living Room Clues for how to do this.)

>excite massive mahogany door


Other things here to learn more of the story: >x front door, >x drawing, >excite front door


There’s only one way to end the game, and it’s to rage Eva. You can use all your other emotion verbs on her and on Ian before you end it.