Hints for Child's Play

by Stephen Granade

These are hints for my game Child's Play. The hints are white-on-white text, so you'll need to highlight them with your mouse to read them. The hints are divided by game chapters.

Also, I do not promise that all of the questions pertain to the game.


Help! I'm smothered in darkness!

The mom keeps wanting me to pull up. What should I do?

How do I get my favorite toy?

How do I get out of this ring of pillows?

How do I get to keep my toy?

Chapter 1

Mom took my toy! Where did she put it?

How do I get to the backpack?

How do I get Parry to pick someone up?

Help! Jemison isn't interested in being held!

How do I get the onesie out of the backpack?

Marion has the backpack. What do I do about that?

Parry has my favorite toy!

Chapter 2

Where's my toy now?

How do I open the cabinet?

How do I stop Zoe from getting in my way when I try to open the cabinet?

How do I take care of the baby lock in the cabinet?

What's the deal with the paper in Couch at the West?

Does it matter that the cabinet rocks?

Parry won't let me mess with his tumbler!

What do I do with Parry's tumbler?

Chapter 3

Where's my toy now?

I can't pick up anything! Help me get this stupid squid costume off of me.

The toy's too high! How do I reach it?

Can I move the swing into another room?

How do I make the swing go higher?

How do I get in the swing?

The toy's too high! How do I reach it? (Part 2)

How do I open the playpen?

Zoe has my toy!