Hints for Vicious Cycles

Click and drag to read the hints. Don't ready any more than you must, or else you may spoil the plot...

Highlight after the numbers to read hints:


How do I enter the cubicle at Madison Station?

Have you noticed what drops from the boy's backpack as he struggles with his sister?

What inside the pencilcase can you use as a lockpick?

I think you can figure out the rest yourself.


The worker keeps booting me out of the locker room. What am I supposed to do?

Have you looked inside the open locker?

Try on the coveralls.


He still boots me out...

Your offensive breath and stubble give you away. How can you hide your face?

Look around Charles station...

Buy a respirator from the vending machine.


How do I get into the cockpit of the train?

Who might know the access code to the cockpit?

The terrorist probably wouldn't be cooperative.

Not the boy or girl. Who's left?

Ask Ethan about the access code.


How do I open the briefcase?

Where have you come across a key?

The key was in the pockets of the coveralls hanging inside the locker. Who was wearing the coveralls before?

The key is in the terrorist's coverall pockets when he rides on the train.


He won't let me look in his pockets.

When might he be off guard and less likely to notice you stealing the key from his pocket?

Look in the terrorist's pocket when the lights go out in the train.


What am I supposed to do in Sara's apartment?

How could you stop Sara from discovering the secret of time travel?

How do I destroy her notes?

Burn them with the cigarette.

"You can't risk burning the building down. You need to CONTAIN the fire."

What in the room could you use as a container?

Burn the papers after you put them in the trash bin.

You can also bust up the computer, if you're in the mood for it.