Die Vollkommene Masse by Alice Merridew (AKA Omega). (Translation: The Perfect Mass)

This is a walkthrough for the game; itís pretty nonlinear and you can do whatever you want in what order, to a certain extent. There is a total possible score of 100; by everything that earns you points is the point number in parentheses. When you should go a direction, I just put the direction.

This walkthrough is written by the author of the game, so itís 100% accurate. n_n

Needless to say, this walkthrough is rank with spoilers. If youíd rather have a hint then a spoiler, type Ďhintí in the game.


First off... ways to die!


Under NO circumstances should you eat this rock candy!

You can go south if you wish and take all; thereís a book bag you can put everything into if you start running out of room. Nothing else here really has a use, though Mbizi loves the smell of the perfume.


You can talk to Usi here; my game uses Menutalk by Guilherme De Sousa, used with his permission. Usi can give you basic information. If you look at him then talk, you can call him handsome. You can do this with all characters, so Iíll not mention it again. You can also kiss and hug the characters.

Northeast, then northwest.