Hints for "The Enterprise Incidents: a Middle School Fantasy"

These hints work something like the old Infocom Invisiclues--and just like the hints for Paul O'Brian's "Another Earth, Another Sky." Each bunch of clues appears beneath a question, and each clue gives away more of the question's answer, until the actual solution is revealed. If the default background of your browser is white, the hints will hidden until you drag your mouse over them. Each clue is separated from the next one by four blank lines, to make the dragging a little less touchy.

Here we go! There be spoilers here!

Why won't Ms. Empirious let me into her classroom?

Ms. Empirious is quite fussy about decorum.

She insists that students knock before entering her classroom, and she gets pretty angry if they don't.

Unfortunately, once a student fails to knock, she demands more than just a rap on the door.

Talk to Ms. Empirious, if she confronts you in the hall after you knock. Try the various choices that result when you type, "Talk to Empirious."

Where is Alicia Aronstein?

You might try following Mr. McDell's suggestions about how to find her.

You could also talk to Mrs. Reunite in the school office.

There really aren't many classrooms in the story. You could try them all, if necessary.

Try Room 10.

If you can't get to Room 10, go to the office and ask Mrs. Reunite for the needed hall pass.

Should I give Andrea a candy gram?

Apparently, Joanie's claim is accurate, since Ms. Fuerstein backs it up.

A careful count indicates that you could spare a candy gram for Andrea.

Since you're already in Room 10 when you meet Andrea, you won't cause any further disruptions by giving her a candy gram now.

Give Andrea a candygram.

What can I do for Mr. Pisces?

You can't help with his medical problem, at least not directly.

However, you do have a supply of candygrams, which are known to cheer people up.

Mr. Pisces won't accept a candy gram during class, but there is a way to get one to him during his coming hospital stay.

Put a candy gram into the basket at the south end of the hall.

How can I solve Ms. Picasso's "Prejudice" riddle?

Talk to Ms. Picasso.

Talk to Silas.

The last line of the poem has a surprising "twist" that has to do with prejudice.

Think of an animal that might be described, without prejudice, as a "tiny creature of great grace, with soft, grey fur and pixie face."

Say rat to Ms. Picasso.

How can I solve Ms. Garrulous' math cake problem?

Study the expressions that appear above the grid and those that appear at its left. Try to see how they relate to the expressions that are inside the grid.

Think about the basic arithmetic functions, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

The expression that appears within each square is the result of multiplying two numbers from outside the grid.

-12 times 10 equals -120. Say -120 to Ms. Garrulous.

How can I get Queenie to say more?

Talk with her from time to time. Also, show her that you're a kind and thoughtful person.

Mr. Pisces could use a lift, so you could show some kindess toward him. See the clues about Mr. Pisces. Andrea, too.

You can speak with her in a welcoming way, and, of course, you have a gift of welcome you could give her.

The gift of welcome that you have available right now is a candy gram.