Hints for The PK Girl

Here is an extensive, though not comprehensive collection of hints for the 2nd release of The PK Girl. I had a difficult time deciding on whether to provide help according to chapter, locale, or character. So I did all three!

There is a chapter-by-chapter walkthrough that I made for the IF Competition. It is still available in The IF Archive. However, it is not recommended that you use it as it is very minimal and you'll miss out on lots that is in the game. Also, it offers no help for getting special endings.

For help on winning with a specific character (getting a special ending), see The PK Girl Website. Click on the image of the character you desire help with. Included are directions on how to meet the character, and tips on what you'll need to accomplish during the story if you are trying for her ending.

Hints organized according to locale are contained in this document. Chapter-specific hints are preceded by the chapters that they pertain to in parenthesis, and are listed first in each section. The bulk and remainder of these hints are for the game's many optional puzzles, which means that you don't need to solve them in order to complete the story and achieve the basic ending. Hints are listed in increasing order from vague to very clear. Because they often build upon eachother, always reveal one hint at a time. Reveal a hint by highlighting the invisible text and dragging the mouse sideways. Be careful not to drag the mouse out of the cell or you will highlight all of whatever hints are remaining for that question.

Here's an example:

What letter of the alphabet am I thinking of?

Hint 1:  If you think about it logically, there's 26 possiblities, but that's assuming you include all the useless letters like 'Q' and 'Z'.
Hint 2:  Well, start narrowing them down!
Hint 3:  It isn't 'K'. Hope that helps.
Answer:  'P' is the letter I'm thinking of!

Majesty Mall area
Langston Bridge area
The office building
Monika's house
Ethan's apartment
Plaza area
The Stein estate
Gammex Industrial area
Valley and research complex

Majesty Mall Area

(Chapter 1) What exactly am I supposed to be doing in this game?

Hint 1:  Getting some ice cream! There's an ice cream parlor in the mall north of where you begin.
Hint 2:  But ice cream isn't really what the story's about. Keep hanging around the parlor until something interesting happens.
Answer:  A girl is kidnapped in the ice cream parlor. You must chase the kidnappers on your motorcycle.

(Chapter 1) How do I ride the motorcycle?

Hint 1:  If you haven't entered the mall yet, it is too early to be driving off.
Hint 2:  Has a certain event occured in the ice cream parlor?
Hint 3:  The golden-haired girl (Laurie) must be with you.
Answer:  After a few turns at Front of Mall, Laurie will suggest that you start the motorcycle despite the damage done to it. You will then be able to ride it.

I can't ride the motorcycle while carrying this ice cream cone.

Hint 1:  If you are in Chapter 1, just drop it. You don't have time.
Hint 2:  But there is a way to transport ice cream from the mall to someplace else.
Hint 3:  Not in a cone.
Hint 4:  But in a cup.
Answer:  Ask the shopkeeper for a cup when you order the ice cream.

The software in the software shop is too expensive.

Hint 1:  In fact, you'll never buy any of it with the money you've got.
Hint 2:  You could steal it, but there would be consequences.
Hint 3:  A certain item in Chapter 5 may make it possible to obtain a piece of software legally.
Answer:  It's the gift certificate. You get it from Jerrick at the Stein Estate.

Hey, the cops busted me and took all my stuff!

Hint 1:  Just because they felt like it or did you do something?
Hint 2:  You were stealing, admit it!
Hint 3:  Maybe crime doesn't pay after all.
Answer:  Okay, I've been chastising long enough. If the cops took your stuff, it's gone, man. Don't worry about it if you're only trying for a basic ending, because you can still complete the game without the lost items.

I can't seem to win at the UFO Catcher Game.

Hint 1:  Nobody wins on his first attempt.
Hint 2:  Or his second, or his third...
Hint 3:  Keep trying if you have the funds.
Answer:  You'll win the doll on your sixth attempt.

I can't seem to win at Street Scrapper III.

Hint 1:  You won't be able to until Chapter 6.
Hint 2:  You simply don't have the knowledge to win. "Knowledge is power", they say.
Hint 3:  Knowledge is contained in books.
Hint 4:  The bookstore does occasionally restock.
Answer:  On the third day a strategy guide will be available at the bookstore. Check the shelves. Upon reading the strategy guide you will be able to defeat both computer and human opponents.

I found Jerrick in the clothing store with a girl, but he noticed me and left in a hurry.

Hint 1:  Don't read this if you haven't actually seen Jerrick in the clothing store. (Chapter 4)
Hint 2:  You have to make yourself unnoticeable.
Answer:  Hide in the clothing rack.

Langston Bridge Area

(Chapter 1) Where has Laurie's sister been taken to?

Hint 1:  Have you explored the street and alleys surrounding the large building?
Hint 2:  A parked helicopter can be seen from the Alley West of Building. Which means that Laurie's sister is in that building.
Hint 3:  Getting through the front entrance isn't feasible because of the security officer. And the manhole doesn't come off.
Hint 4:  Has Laurie commented on the small window? That could be your ticket in.
Hint 5:  Have a look around Alley East of Building. The window is there, but out of reach.
Answer:  Climb the dumpster. Then open the window. (You can't get inside the building in later chapters)

How do I enter the gas station?

Hint 1:  You cannot enter the gas station in Chapter 1.
Hint 2:  You need a tool to remove the boards from the doorway.
Hint 3:  You need a pair of pliers to remove the boards.
Answer:  See question "How do I retrieve items from the fish tank" in the Ethan's Apartment section.

How do I enter the bar?

Hint 1:  Normally, you can enter the bar freely in the afternoon or evening. But Chapter 1 is an exception.
Hint 2:  Laurie would rather you didn't go in, but she does not compel.
Answer:  Try entering twice.

Samson won't talk to me.

Hint 1:  He doesn't like you yet.
Hint 2:  If you did something nice for him he might begin to like you. Maybe if you give him something he wants...
Hint 3:  A feature of the description of his person is a clue.
Hint 4:  The man seems to like tattoos.
Answer:  Give him the issue of Tattoo Digest. Then he will answer your inquiries.

How do I dislodge the rock embedded in the hillside?

Hint 1:  It isn't possible until Chapter 3.
Hint 2:  There are two ways. One requires a tool, the other requires a person.
Hint 3:  The tool should be obvious if you've seen it. The person is someone that you may or may not meet in Chapter 2.
Hint 4:  The tool is useful for digging. The person has PK, and a sword besides.
Answer:  Dig it up with the spade. Or if Saffy is with you ask her to move it.

How do I save Saffy when she is cornered at the street end?

Hint 1:  Don't read this unless you have met Saffy, and seen the event where she is harassed by drunks. (Chapter 3-4)
Hint 2:  If you don't completely neutralize one of the men, the other will get you.
Hint 3:  You need a cheap weapon here.
Answer:  Hit the drunk with the blackjack.

The Office Building

(Chapter 2) They're chasing us! Where do we go?

Hint 1:  You can't just enter the first door you see. Keep running.
Hint 2:  Have you made it to the Supply Room? You can't stay there either.
Answer:  Go out the window. You can walk along the ledge.

(Chapter 2) We've lost our pursuers for the time being. Now where do we go?

Hint 1:  Have a good look around the office rooms.
Hint 2:  There is a secret passage to be found.
Answer:  Move the box that is under the table in An Office.

How do I open the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet?

Hint 1:  Have you tried brute force?
Hint 2:  Like kicking it?
Answer:  Kick it, but not while Laurie is with you.

How do I defeat the kidnappers?

Hint 1:  A show of force will be necessary.
Hint 2:  You might be able dispatch one of them with your hands and feet, but you'll need something extra to deal with the others.
Hint 3:  The fact that they are not aware of your presence initially can be used to your advantage.
Hint 4:  Have you got something heavy to throw?
Hint 5:  Like a coffee mug or a glass of beer? (That's one down!)
Hint 6:  Now punch the next man. (That's two down!)
Hint 7:  There are several ways to deal with the third.
Answer:  You can kick him, or dodge the attack and counterstrike, or knock the weapon out of his hand by hitting his wrist. (That's three down!)

What does this ear device do?

Hint 1:  It can be worn.
Hint 2:  Continue to play the game and see if you don't hear anything funny from time to time while wearing it.
Hint 3:  Like a jingle in your ear? What could it mean?
Answer:  It means that somebody nearby is using PK.

How do I open the locked door in the cellar?

Hint 1:  There are two solutions. One requires an object, the other requires a person.
Hint 2:  The object will be used to pick the lock. The person has PK.
Answer:  Pick the lock with the syringe, if you have it. Or ask Laurie to open the door.

Monika's House

(Chapter 3) Everybody's gone to bed. What do I do next?

Answer:  You go to bed yourself. Lie on the couch.

(Chapter 4) When will dinner be ready?

Hint 1:  Has Monika started cooking? If she hasn't come home yet, go away and come back later.
Hint 2:  Is Monika done cooking yet? You can help her, or you can do something else while you're waiting.
Hint 3:  Has Laurie woken up from her nap? If not you'll have to wake her.
Answer:  When everyone is in the dining room, dinner will begin.

(Chapter 6) Where is Laurie?

Hint 1:  Not in any of the places you've been to so far.
Answer:  The silo is the key. You need to find where it is. (See question "Who can tell me where the silo is?" in the Plaza section)

How do I enter the room behind the closed door upstairs?

Hint 1:  You don't until Chapter 5.
Answer:  Some time after dinner if you leave and then come back, the door will be open.

What do I do about the spider?

Hint 1:  Don't read this unless you have seen the spider event. (Chapter 3)
Hint 2:  You squash it, of course!
Hint 3:  But not with your hands. Try using something like a magazine, a tray, a pail, or your own foot.
Hint 4:  If the spider runs away, keep looking for it in the same room.
Answer:  After being on the nightstand, the spider goes under the mattress, then on the wall, then it falls on the bed. Keep trying to squish it until it is dead.

Monika has burnt her hand. Can I help?

Hint 1:  You can. You need to give her something that will help with the swelling.
Hint 2:  This item may or may not be found in the freezer.
Answer:  Give her the bag of peas. The peas must be frozen at that time.

It looks like Monika forgot to buy fajita seasoning.

Hint 1:  No problem. There is a jar of fajita seasoning somewhere else in the game.
Answer:  See the question "How do I get past the junk blocking the southern exit of the upstairs of his apartment?" in the Ethan's Apartment section.

Where is Monika's blowdryer?

Hint 1:  Have you asked the other girls?
Hint 2:  The blowdryer is in Monika's room upstairs.
Hint 3:  Both blowdryers are in Monika's room. The one she wants is hidden.
Hint 4:  You have to look twice.
Answer:  Examine the hair appliances twice.

Ethan's Apartment

(Chapter 3) How do I get Ethan to help?

Answer:  Just talk to him.

(Chapter 3-5) Ethan wants the name of an organization. What name do I give?

Hint 1:  You'll have to wait until Chapter 4.
Hint 2:  There's multiple ways to learn this name. One of these way is hard to miss if you've been keeping track of your inventory.
Hint 3:  How about that business card you received?
Answer:  "ROSA" is the name.

(Chapter 4-5) Ethan is having trouble cracking the password.

Hint 1:  If you leave him alone he'll figure it out himself later on. But there is a way to help him.
Hint 2:  An item in the mall may be of service.
Answer:  Give him the Digital Dictionary of 100 Languages.

(Chapter 6) Help! Ethan is unconscious or dead!

Answer:  He isn't dead. You can revive him.

How do I get past the junk blocking the southern exit of the upstairs of his apartment?

Hint 1:  It's too much for you to tidy up by yourself.
Hint 2:  But tidied up it must be.
Hint 3:  Ethan doesn't seem so eager to clean up voluntarily. Perhaps if he could be tricked into it...
Hint 4:  Have you seen that note left by management on one of the adjoining apartments?
Hint 5:  Attach the note to Ethan's door.
Answer:  And then come back later. If it's afternoon, check back in the evening. If it's evening, check back in the morning.

How do I retrieve items from the fish tank?

Hint 1:  The piranha must be dealt with somehow.
Hint 2:  You can't just tip the aquarium over, nor can you harm the fish in any way.
Hint 3:  If he's had a full meal he may not bother you.
Answer:  Keep putting items in the fish tank until the piranha is full. You can even feed it trash picked up from the floor. (This puzzle cannot be completed in Chapter 6)

Plaza Area

(Chapter 3) I'm at the plaza now. What do I do?

Hint 1:  Wander around some.
Hint 2:  Something will happen at the intersection.
Answer:  After you receive the card, go in the cafe.

Who can tell me where the silo is?

Hint 1:  The only way to find out is to ask people.
Hint 2:  But only one person knows. Some of the others may point you in his direction.
Hint 3:  Have you gotten any evasive comments out of anyone? Is there somebody who seems to know more than he's willing to tell? That's your man.
Hint 4:  It's the umbrella peddler.
Hint 5:  But he doesn't dispense information freely, as Dustin may have told you. By chance you may have seen the guitarist pay money to the peddler for help on fingering a chord.
Answer:  You can bribe the umbrella peddler for information. One dollar will buy you about five questions.

Who can tell me where the valley is?

Answer:  See the above question.

What good is the love charm?

Hint 1:  It works, you know.
Hint 2:  As long as you wear it and keep wearing it throughout the game.
Answer:  You get bonus points towards your score with any one girl if her name is inscribed on the charm and you are still wearing it at the end of the game.

The artist's paintings are too expensive.

Hint 1:  Yes, but the artist is an affable chap.
Hint 2:  There are ways to make him lower the price.
Hint 3:  Such as admiring the paintings, or asking him about them.
Answer:  It is possible for him to lower the price as many as four times. After that, you either have enough money or you don't.

Is it possible to take the guitarist's hat?

Hint 1:  Ah, you mean the money that is in it. Yes, there is a way, but it might not be obvious.
Hint 2:  You can't so much as touch the hat while the guitarist distrusts you.
Hint 3:  You can earn his confidence by being civil and generous.
Hint 4:  Try tossing a coin in the hat.
Answer:  Do it twice. Then you will be able to take the hat.

How do I get into that garden that I see through the cafe window?

Hint 1:  You can't enter through the cafe window. It's too small.
Hint 2:  The garden is probably behind that brick wall by the tomato stand, huh.
Hint 3:  But you can't reach the tree, so it won't help.
Hint 4:  You do need to get over the wall, though.
Hint 5:  Perhaps if you had a good foothold in the wall you could climb the rest of the way.
Hint 6:  Have you tried pushing bricks out of the wall?
Answer:  Keep pushing bricks. One of them is loose. Then you can use the hole to step up and climb over the wall.

Is there anything special about the statue?

Hint 1:  Actually, yes.
Hint 2:  The statue is not really a statue.
Answer:  Try tickling it, or kissing it, or sneezing on it.

How do I rescue Josie from the pervert?

Hint 1:  Don't read this if you haven't met Josie, or if you haven't seen the pervert stalk her. (Chapter 6)
Hint 2:  Sometimes the simple solution works best.
Answer:  Talk to him at Picnic Area. Choose choice #1 or #2.

Where is the treasure Bengte's grandfather hid?

Hint 1:  Don't read this if you haven't heard Bengte's sob story. (Chapter 5)
Hint 2:  This is a multi-part puzzle. You must first discern where the treasure is hidden.
Hint 3:  The private courtyard holds an important clue. (See question "How do I get into that garden that I see through the cafe window?")
Hint 4:  So you've been in the courtyard? Did you climb the tree?
Hint 5:  The arch corresponds to a certain structure.
Hint 6:  It is the right ear of the monument in the plaza.
Hint 7:  And X marks the spot.
Hint 8:  You'll need that spade lying on the picnic table, too. (It isn't available until after Bengte tells her story)
Answer:  Dig underneath the right ear.

The Stein Estate

(Chapter 5) Where is the Stein Estate anyway?

Hint 1:  It's where Jerrick lives. You receive directions on how to get there from his buddies.
Answer:  But only if you answer the knock at the door during dinner.

How do I enter Jerrick's house?

Hint 1:  By invitation only.
Answer:  If Jerrick does not let you in, there's nothing you can do. He will only let you in if you chose option #3 in the short conversation with him at the plaza.

Where is the baseball Josie wants me to throw?

Hint 1:  Don't read this if you haven't met Josie on the front porch. (Chapter 6)
Hint 2:  It's not actually a baseball that you'll end up using, but something of similar shape and mass.
Hint 3:  This item can be found in the Langston Bridge area.
Answer:  It's the billiard ball. Show it to Josie, then toss it for her.

Gammex Industrial Area

(Chapter 4-5) How do I enter the site?

Hint 1:  You can't enter until the appropriate time. (Chapter 5)
Hint 2:  Firstly, you must have had dinner with the girls at Monika's house.
Hint 3:  Secondly, you must have supplied Ethan with the name of the organization behind the kidnappings.
Answer:  Thirdly, keep visiting Ethan until he expresses frustration with cracking the password. After that you can enter the site.

(Chapter 5) How do I leave the industrial area without my motorcycle?

Answer:  Walk home.

Three vehicles are coming at me! What do I do?

Hint 1:  You can't stop them. You must escape.
Hint 2:  All corridors are blocked by the oncoming vehicles. So you will need to get over one of them somehow.
Hint 3:  The crates will be helpful.
Hint 4:  Push over some crates. One of them will land in the path of the steam roller. It won't stop the steam roller from coming, but...
Answer:  You can then climb over the steam roller.

How do I get onto the ledge in the warehouse?

Answer:  You must escape from the death trap without help from Katryn. See the previous question "Three vehicles are coming at me! What do I do?"

How do I find Saffy's sword?

Hint 1:  Don't read this unless you have met Saffy, and she has saved you from the death trap in the warehouse.
Hint 2:  You need to stand back and take a good look at things.
Hint 3:  By that I mean you need to get up on the ledge and examine the crates and wreckage.
Answer:  Then let Saffy know you've found her sword.

Valley and Research Complex

(Chapter 6) I've arrived at the valley, but there's nowhere to go.

Hint 1:  Remember that you're looking for a pass through the mountains.
Answer:  Examine the rock jutting out on the east mountain.

(Chapter 7) How do I get Laurie out of the room I found her in?

Hint 1:  The forcefield must be disabled.
Hint 2:  You can do so from the control room.
Answer:  Flip the zigzag switch.

(Chapter 7) Okay, Laurie's with me. Now how do we get out of this place?

Answer:  You need to go up through the hatch where the ladder is.

How do I get past the sliding wall?

Hint 1:  The sliding walls can only be opened from another room.
Hint 2:  If you haven't found Laurie yet, you can't do anything about the sliding walls.
Hint 3:  A switch in the control room opens and closes them.
Answer:  Flip the door switch in the control room.

What's the meaning of these lab-books?

Hint 1:  There's one in each of the six lab rooms. They aren't necessarily important but...
Answer:  By persuing them you might glean some useful information pertaining to PK and other psychic abilities.

Somebody in the control room isn't happy to see me!

Hint 1:  You can fight back! But first you must make the pain go away.
Hint 2:  There are two ways to stop the psychic attack. Both require a tool.
Hint 3:  Did you ever find the solid white lab-book? It explains how a microwave can frustrate psychic power. And, of course, there's a more direct way to deal with this guy.
Hint 4:  If you have the microwave transmitter, turn it on. If you have the fire extinguisher, spray the creep.
Answer:  And then punch him out!

How do I make the ladder come down?

Hint 1:  You must first free Laurie.
Hint 2:  The ladder can be manipulated from the control room.
Answer:  Flip the ladder switch in the control room.

How do I get past the door that is guarded by machine guns?

Hint 1:  You can't do this one on your own.
Hint 2:  Did you ever find the checkered lab-book? It explains that PK can be used to disable machinery.
Answer:  Ask Laurie to disable the guns.

What do I do in the repository?

Hint 1:  Have you looked at the map?
Hint 2:  The map is BAD.
Answer:  Destroy the map.

I can't find the magnets.

Hint 1:  If Dustin hasn't entered into the story the magnets aren't important.
Hint 2:  Have you looked in the lab rooms?
Hint 3:  Search the lab rooms near where Dustin is walking. Search them well. Neglect nothing that is mentioned in the room description.
Answer:  The magnets are behind the machinery in Research Lab C.

What's the microwave transmitter good for?

Hint 1:  It may come in useful in a certain struggle in the complex. (Chapter 7)
Answer:  See the question "Somebody in the control room isn't happy to see me!"

How do I defeat Octalus?

Hint 1:  There is only one place in the story where it is possible to fight Octalus one-on-one.
Hint 2:  When you are behind the satellite dish with Laurie and she screams for help, that's the moment.
Hint 3:  Start by attacking him generally. When he pins you to the ground, you'll need to come up with some kind of maneuver.
Hint 4:  You can't use your arms. But what else can you use?
Answer:  Either bring your knee up into him, or give him a head butt.

Octalus has been defeated. Now what do we do with him?

Hint 1:  No, you can't kill him, much as you might like to.
Hint 2:  You need a way to incapacitate him so that he cannot use his PK power.
Hint 3:  Has anyone else with PK been incapacitated before?
Answer:  Strap the inhibitor band to his head. Your inventory is emptied when Laurie fights back with the PK battery, so you will need to pick up the inhibitor band again before Octal's defeat.


So where's all the money?

Answer:  There are over twenty-five different places where money is hidden or can otherwise be obtained, usually in $1.00 increments or so. Altogether there is over $30 to be found in the game. You aren't expected to find all of it, or even most of it. In fact, much of it is hidden in unobvious places. As far as completing the game with a basic ending goes, there is only one place where money is strictly necessary, and you only need $1.00 then. Aside from that, money is mainly useful for solving optional puzzles.

How do I learn a person's name?

Hint 1:  You can eventually learn characters' names through conversation with them, or through process of the story.
Answer:  But some characters will also respond to being asked their name.

This game seems to contain a great many red herrings.

Answer:  Actually, 90% of the objects do have a purpose. And those that don't may still be useful in an indirect way.

What is the requirement for a special ending?

Answer:  If, by the end of the game, you have s score of 45 or greater with any of the eight female characters, and if you know the name of that character, you will see a special ending. If there is more than one character that meets the criteria, the ending you get will be according to a predetermined order of precedence. (characters whose endings are considered harder to obtain are given higher priority)

I got a special ending, but what does the secret letter mean?

Hint 1:  Since there are eight special endings, there are eight secret letters. If you have them all, or if you are a good guesser, you can spell out a word.
Answer:  This word is the password for the game, which enables you to view the code in the ADRIFT Generator, if you have it installed. You can then find secrets you missed, see how various things were implemented, create your own cheats, unlock the debugger, etc. Just an extra treat for those who really like the game. ^ ^

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