SpeedIF 12


SpeedIF 12 (2000-07-13) [4c] [Baf's]

The solutions below are by David Welbourn and are based on the specified release or version of each game. See also the SpeedIF pages at FourCoffees and Baf’s Guide.

The Hose

>about. x equipment. x pie. take it.

>x hose. take it. x nozzle. x flange. x button.

>x monitors. x Blar. attach hose to Blar.

>x cot. eat pie. sit on cot. sleep.

>x sponge. x pedestrian. squeeze sponge.

>stand. x hose. (Fulton should make a cameo appearance here.)

>x Pulmonator. attach hose to Pulmonator. push button. s.

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Pantheon, Party On

>i. x list. x decorations.

>x grape. x apple. x cherry. x chocolate.

>take grape. take apple. take cherry. take chocolate. n.

>x Vulcan. x snacks. give apple to Vulcan. take snacks. s. e.

>x Mercury. x mess. give cherry to Mercury. take mess. w. s.

>x Bacchus. x bottles. give grape to Bacchus. take bottles. n. w.

>x Mars. x darts. give chocolate to Mars. take darts. e.

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Caution: There's two sequences where hitting any key spits out a block of text; one sequence at the very beginning of the game, and one at the end.

>[key] [key] [key] [key] [key]

>x boxes. x props. x plywood. take plywood. x curtain.

>search boxes. search props. g. g. g.

>x bucket. x script. x saw. cut plywood with saw. x piece. nw.

>x table. x mirror. x lamp. turn on lamp. x martian.

>x can. take can. spray piece with paint. se. ne.

>x sink. x dryer. fill bucket. sw. n.

>x woman. x pen. pour water on woman.

>write on piece with pen. x plaque. s. s.

>[key] [key] [key] [key]

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A scurvy gift for Bosn Chuck

>about. arr. xyzzy.

>x ship. x monkey. x Skunky. x Skinny. x Swanky. u.

>x bottle. take it. x Chuck. x ocean. d. d.

>x tnt. take it. put it in bottle. close bottle. u. n. dive. d. d.

>x ship. in.

>x watch. x sponge. give bottle to sponge. hold ears.

>take watch. out. u. u. u. give watch to Chuck.

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