SpeedIF 14


SpeedIF 14 (2000-10-31) [4c] [Baf's]

The solutions below are by David Welbourn and are based on the specified release or version of each game. See also the SpeedIF pages at FourCoffees and Baf’s Guide.

The Blair Bee Project

>i. x map. x rucksack. x trees. x track. s.

>x trees. x trail. s.

At this point, there's no more trail. All directions are alike.

>s. s. s. listen. s.


>i. turn on flashlight. x junk. x flashlight. listen. x me.

>z. (Continue to wait until an insect is sighted on the tent.)

>out. (If you wait too long, the bees will enter the tent and kill you.)

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Death Waif

At turn 12, a waif enters the bar. At turn 17, she kills the bartender. At turn 18, she kills Boris. At turn 19, she kills Diane. And on turn 20, she kills you. Unless you kill her first. Pick up the jart in the Jarts Lawn, return to the bar, and throw it at her after she kills the bartender.

Caution: You have no motivation to kill the waif until the bartender is dead, but there's no time to go get the jart if you wait that late. So you might as well go get the jart right away:

>nw. take jart. x jart. x target. x poster. se.

While you're waiting for the bartender to be killed, you'll probably want to do most of the following actions (you won't have time for them all):

>about. x me. x bar. x bartender. x teacup. x tea. take teacup.

>x sofa. x Boris. x Diane. x poster. xyzzy. talk to ed. (several times)

>x waif. talk to waif.

Once the bartender is dead:

>throw jart at waif.

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But what about my candy?

>i. x costume. x bag. open bag. x orange. take orange.

>x tv. x armchair. w. stand. eat orange. (eww!)

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The Pumpkin Contest

>x pumpkin. x table. x #35. x pumpkins.

>i. x hat. x knife. x cape. x fangs.

By now, Molly's arrived and told you about Milton's pumpkin to the east.

>x Molly. kiss Molly. e.

>x pumpkin. x Milton. x table. x #24. w.

>ask Molly about Milton. remove fangs. ask Molly about Milton.

>x pumpkin. take #35. remove cape. e.

>ask Milton about math. put cape on Milton. take #24. x table. w.

(note: If you take Milton's pumpkin while he's struggling with the cape, he will kill you.)

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A gentle rhyme. Poetic verse. A pleasant time? Or something worse?

>x river. x mountains. x swamp. x woods. e.

>x lakes. x lily. u.

>x dwelling. in.

>x pumpkin. x table. look in pumpkin.

>x pumpkins. s.

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