SpeedIF 15


SpeedIF 15 (2001-03-14) [4c] [Baf's]

The solutions below are by David Welbourn and are based on the specified release or version of each game. See also the SpeedIF pages at FourCoffees and Baf’s Guide.


>message. xyzzy. plugh. plover.

>i. x envelope. x cutout. x desk. x papers.

>search papers. take papers. x assignment. take it.

>put assignment in envelope. close envelope. mail it.

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Basket of Destiny

>x couch. x stuff. x carpet. x junk. x mess. look under carpet. w.

>x mattress. look under mattress. x reeds. e. n.

>x sink. x dishes. x stopper. take stopper.

>x stove. touch it. x table. x papers. search papers. w.

>x tub. x faucet. put stopper in tub. put reeds in tub.

>turn on faucet. weave reeds. i. x basket. e. search papers.

>x invite. x cutout. give invite to cutout.

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Danger School

Warning 1: The robot will kill you in eight turns if you don't stop him before then. Warning 2: There's a dart trap under the bed! Warning 3: Going east is deadly, too. When did doing one's homework get to be so dangerous?

>x robot. x rod. x desk. read vacuum. x rod. turn safety off.

>read monkey. read plucking. read weaving.

>x bed. x bell. ring bell. x Arthur.

>look under bed. x trapdoor. d.

>x chickens. pluck chickens. x straw. weave straw.

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The Five Tutors

>about. x me. x opener. take it. x textbook. x worksheet.

The tutors — Vacuum Man, Basket Chyk, Plucker, Monkey Butler, and Antiques Cowboy — all arrive in fairly quick order, and a fight will break out: Vacuum Man vs. the other four.

>kill chyk. (repeat until Basket Chyk is dead.)

>kill cowboy. (repeat until Antiques Cowboy is dead.)

And if Plucker and Butler are still alive, help Vacuum Man kill them too. You win the game when Vacuum Man is the only tutor still alive.

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Help! My Vacuum Cleaner Is Broken!

Your time is limited, so I didn't include in this walkthru all of the fun things you can try, eg: going south at any stage of the trip.

>i. x cleaner. x set. x passing houses. n.

>x mailbox. open it. look in it. read letter. n.

>x screwdriver. fix cleaner with screwdriver. n.

>x table. x cleaner. put cleaner on table. z. (Continue to wait for the host to get to you.)

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>i. x scissors. x desk. x assignment. read assignment.

>xyzzy. cut assignment with scissors. (note: "cut assignment" doesn't work.)

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Captain Speedo, Episode 14

>x console. x screen. x keyboard. x slot. i. x cartridge.

>z. (continue waiting until the console beeps.)

>x screen. operate keyboard. put cartridge in slot.

>z. n. z. e. z. jump. z. ne. z. s.

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The Unfortunate Training of Frank Lee, ...

>x book. w. x mudpie. fling mudpie. (You must "fling", not "throw" the pie. Your only hint for this guess-the-verb puzzle comes from the game's subtitle, "A Interactive Fling". Boo hiss.)

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Weaving a Basket (or Something)

>x kit. x components. x book. x junk. search junk.

>x glue. x tape. glue components. tape basket. s.

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