SpeedIF 2001


SpeedIF 2001 (2001-01-20) [4c] [Baf's]

The solutions below are by David Welbourn and are based on the specified release or version of each game. See also the SpeedIF pages at FourCoffees and Baf’s Guide.

Battle of the Planets

The hamster is useless to you. The only hint you get for the yak is that it's female. Bah.

>x yak. milk yak. x curd. n. x machine. x brutus. put curd in machine.

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The Crescent City at the Edge of Disaster

[Saint Louis Street]

>x me. i. x cape. x note. x Brutus. w.

[NOLA Restaurant]

>x menu. in.

[NOLA Kitchen]

>x stuff. search stuff. x box. out. out. s.

[Decatur Street]


[Jackson Square, south side]



>x cannon. x ark. n. n.

[Center of Jackson Square]

>x people. n.

[Jackson Square, north side]

>x picture. take it. s.

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The Crouton Caper

>x window. x croutons.

>look. x machine. x dial. x button. push button.

>turn dial to large. push button.

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Destiny of the Chihuahua

>n. n. x throne. search throne. d.

>n. e. x treadmill. x panel. search panel. w. n. s. e.

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Infiltration on Io

Minor caveats: Although your contact motions you IN the hatch, you must go DOWN. The waiter cannot be referred to. You put croutons IN food, not ON food.

>out. n. d. e. d. x brutus. n. x croutons.

>out. e. nw. d. se. sw. s. d. n.

>x ambassador. put croutons in salad.

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>x cans. x papers. sleep.

>x Brutus. x boy. g. g. g. g. write.

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Moon Over Jupiter

>e. look under bed. take bunny. x bunny.

>open unit. x king. w. s.

>x appliance. push green button. x salad. n. w.

>open trunk. look in trunk. x lump. take it.

>open bed. e.

>ask Brutus about airlock. g. g.

>give salad to Brutus. give king to Brutus.

>give lump to Brutus. give bunny to Brutus.

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Tall Tales in the Big Easy

Caution: if you enter the black carriage, you'll die.

>i. x bill. x key. n. e.

>x horse. x carriage. e.

>x voodoo croissant. eat it. w. w. w.

>x alligator skull. take it. e. e.

>touch skull. x yak. x gray carriage. enter gray carriage.

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Tooth Ow Zunden Won!

Note: build ladder FROM croutons, not WITH croutons.

>x Brutus. x menu.

>kiss Brutus 6 times. x grape. eat grape. x razor.

>kiss Brutus 3 times. x curd. z. (if necessary, continue waiting until hamster is there)

>x hamster. ask Brutus about hamster.

>take hamster. throw hamster at Brutus.

>x can. cut can with blade. x croutons.

>take menu. x menu. build ladder from croutons. take ladder.

>south. punt. bass. drop ladder. climb ladder.

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