SpeedIF 5


SpeedIF 5 (1999-11-21) [4c] [Baf's]

The solutions below are by David Welbourn and are based on the specified release or version of each game. See also the SpeedIF pages at FourCoffees and Baf’s Guide.

The Courier Who Missed Me

>i. x drug. n.

>x booth. x thermos. x backpack. x Roman.

>take thermos. put drug in thermos. s. e.

>x sign. x mugger. take sign. w.

>drop sign. give thermos to trucker. e.

Two different winning endings:

>hit mugger. —or— hit courier.

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>x chalupa. take it. i. x pad.

The wrong chickens:

>push green button. x chicken. x gloves. meow. g. g. i. x schemes.

>push purple button. x chicken. x gloves. meow. g. g. i. x millionaire.

The correct chicken:

>push yellow button. x chicken. x gloves. meow. g. g. i. x pee.

There's two winning endings (whether you're holding the chalupa or not):

>eat chalupa. push red button. —or— push red button.

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Revenge of the Chalupa

>e. x chalupa. take chalupa. drop chalupa.

>take chalupa. x Regis. nw. sw.

>x joe. give chalupa to joe. se.

>take hat. wear it. ne.

>x book. read book. g. take plans. x plans. read plans.

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SLUDGE: A SpeedIF Adventure

This walkthru is on the verbose side, containing many unnecessary (but fun) actions.

>x me. x chair. x desk. x phone. answer phone. z.

>x diploma. x chalupa. take chalupa. eat chalupa. out.

>x buggy. enter buggy. w. (continue to wander or wait 12 more turns, until a cab shows up)

>x cab. enter cab. x cab. x cabbie. cabbie, hi. cabbie, stadium.

>look. x stand. x sludgee. take it. drink it. se. ne.

>take booth. undo.

>x booth. x Mercury. give chalupa to Mercury. drop chalupa.

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>x hat. take it. wear it. remove hat. out.

>x angel. z. z. x Fred. z. x book. take book.

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Spy in the Snow

The location names are unusual. Funny, too.

>x me. e. x gloves. take gloves. look in gloves. wear gloves.

>e. e. x ads. read ads. e.

>x book. take book. read book. x plans. read plans. e.

>x chalupa. take it. put plans in chalupa. eat chalupa.

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The Spy Who Always Wears Gloves Now

>i. x me. x bin. (bum does his business)

>x object. g. g. (kids do their business)

>x book. in. (Difficult to guess "in", but this is speedIF, remember.)

>what is signal. (Even more difficult to guess. And this command is required, otherwise the trucker will never signal Regis.)

>x regis. x contestant. x audience.

>out. take book.

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