SpeedIF 7


SpeedIF 7 (1999-12-02) [4c] [Baf's] [markm's]

The solutions below are by David Welbourn and are based on the specified release or version of each game. See also the SpeedIF pages at FourCoffees and Baf’s Guide.

The Bloody Mess

>i. x credit card. x newspaper. x door. unlock door. open door. s.

>e. e. e. x oil. x clay. take clay. w. w. w. w.

>x photo. read photo. x water. x leak. put clay in leak.

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I Never Promised You A Nose Guard

>i. x outfit. x pom-poms. x boxes. push boxes.

>x barrel. look in barrel. x photo. take it. n. u.

>x sailor. sailor, hi. ask sailor about ship.

>ask sailor about captain. ask sailor about love.

>show photo to sailor. show outfit to sailor. show pom-poms to sailor.

>w. x Bob. x wheel. Bob, hi. ask Bob about ship. ask Bob about oil.

>ask Bob about love. ask Bob about Nessie. kiss Bob. (kill Bob. undo.)

>show photo to Bob. turn wheel. e.

>x eel. ask sailor about captain. ask sailor about eel.

>ask sailor about ship. kiss sailor. kill sailor.

>(kill eel. undo.) (kiss eel. undo.)

>show outfit to sailor. x outfit. x H. take H. put H on eel.

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The Oily Deeps

Note: The wheel in the Bridge isn't mentioned; you have to guess that it's there (which is tricky, since examining the instruments/lights/doodads gives the false assurance that they're unimportant).

>x me. x oil. s. s. w. w.

>x stuff. search stuff. g. g. g.

>x camera. x wallet. x clay. mold clay. e. e. e. e. e.

>x bottle. x captain. x first. x second. wake captain.

>take bottle. w. n. u. w.

>x bale. look under tarp. i. x pom-pom. x crate. x label. e. u. w.

>x picture. x window. x wheel. turn wheel.

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Sinking the Lily Jane

Begins with a poem. Nice.

>i. x mine. x bomb. out. s. d. d.

>x hull. x engine. put mine on hull. u. u. nw. e.

>x panel. x lever. d. s.

>x engine. open panel. put bomb in panel. close panel. n. n.

>push lever.

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Tanker and Webb

>x me. x lighter. s.

>x hatches. u.

>x slick. (note: "light slick" will kill you.) e.

>x sack. take it. nw.

>x monster. give bag to monster. n.

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Tears Keep Getting In My Dr. Pepper

>x me. i. x pompom. x bottle. x outfit. open lifeboat. out.

>x railing. x sea. x lifeboat. jump. s. e.

>x desk. x photo. look under desk. x newspaper. w.

>x lover. wave pompom.

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