DNA Tribute SpeedIF


DNA Tribute SpeedIF (2001-05-12) [4c] [Baf's]

The solutions below are by David Welbourn and are based on the specified release or version of each game. See also the SpeedIF pages at FourCoffees and Baf’s Guide.

Deadline, or, Being Douglas Adams

No puzzles. Enjoy your bath for eight turns.

>x ducky. take ducky. squeeze ducky. x phone. out. z. z. z.

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The Death of Two Great Minds

>x Fenchurch. ask Fenchurch about god. ask Fenchurch about message.

>x Ford. ask Fenchurch about message. don't panic. n. n. n. n. n.

>x Marvin. ask Marvin about Marvin. ask Marvin about left side.

>take Marvin. notes.

(my notes: This game also knows the verb "enjoy", but there's no obvious thing to enjoy. If you don't pick up Marvin yourself, Fenchurch and Ford will pick him up after five or so turns after seeing him.)

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How Many Roads Must A Man Walk Down?

>about. x me. x sand. x sea. x fish. take fish.

>x bowl. take bowl. x bowl. x design. wear bowl.

>x house. x door. open door. n.

>x brickwork. x man. x card. give bowl to man.

>take card. s. read card.

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Into That Good Night

>x me. i. x coat. x hat. x cigarettes.

>search coat. x phone. x anchovy. x ticket.

>turn on phone. eat anchovy. x door. n.

>x clerk. talk to clerk. x Antrobus. talk to Antrobus.

>remove hat. n. x Whaley. talk to Antrobus.

>answer phone. n. talk to Antrobus. z.

>save. (because you might want to replay the game from this point)

>give ticket to clerk. (oh, let her wait a bit first)

>4 (or any number, really)

>1 (feel free to choose another number)

>w. (or e.)

>w. (or e. or n. for different endings)

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Jeenin Tonn-nx

>about. x me. x tv. g. (repeat a few times to see variations)

>x bartender. talk to bartender. g. (repeat until his chat is exhausted)

>x drunk. talk to drunk. g. z. (repeat until his chat is also exhausted)

>x cube. eat cube. look. ne. x aglet. x opener.

>kill aglet with opener. g. (repeat until beast is dead)

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A Night at Milliways

>i. x card. x Marvin. x blur. listen. n. z.

>ask Marvin about babel fish. n. waiter, abrty. n. e.

>x Zaphod. z pin. ask Zaphod about pin. n.

>buy blaster. x it. give it to Zaphod. x Zaphod. take pin. n.

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Captain Speedo, Episode 42

Your mission: find the gold-threaded blankie!

>i. x poem. x pack. x tables. x machines. x throne. x lord. out.

>x bartender. x counter. ask bartender about drinks. x drinks. take drinks. d. d.

>x ship. x door. x button. push button. in.

>x cage. x monster. x drapes. take drapes.

Everything is now... different.

>x blankie. x monster. x poem. x pack. out.

>x ship. u. u.

>x android. x drinks. in.

>x lord. give blanket to lord.

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The Sofa at the End of the Universe

>x me. x desk. x sep. take sep. w.

>x door. knock on door. g. g. d.

>x sofa. x south wall. s. push sofa. g. turn sofa.

>put sep on sofa. turn on sep. u. e. w. d.

>take sep. put sep on south wall. toggle sep.

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