SpeedIF Y


SpeedIF Y (2001-05-24) [4c] [Baf's]

The solutions below are by David Welbourn and are based on the specified release or version of each game. See also the SpeedIF pages at FourCoffees and Baf’s Guide.

Banana Apocalypse and the Rocket Pants of Destiny

>x desk. turn on desk. x pants. x Shatner.

>ask Shatner about pants. ask Shatner about me. n.

>x banana. take it. s. show banana to Shatner. n.

>x contraption. put banana in contraption. s.

>take pants. wear pants. s. turn on pants. sw.

>x tree. climb tree. turn off pants. w.

>x table. x shower. take shower. look. z. x girl. kiss girl.

Ending 1:

>show pants to girl.

Ending 2:

>z. (continue to stall; don't show or give the pants)

Ending 3:

>restart. ask Shatner about girl.

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Awwk! Dahling, I know it's only a speedIF, but could you put some descriptions in your objects?

>x fridge. open it. look in it. close it. x sink. x mug.

>x tape. take it. s.

>x cubicles. ne. push two.

>x model. x pony. x Alex.

>ask Alex about Shatner. ask Alex about boss.

>ne. push three.

>x Shatner. take Shatner. drop tape.

>w. x door. open door. (take door. undo.)

>take Shatner. ne. push two.

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Bears, Bears, Bears

>x vending machine. open panel. look in panel. n.

>x rocket. x sprocket. x pants. take all. s.

>put sprocket in panel. s.

>x heads. x woman. x pony. give pants to woman. n. e.

>x men. x frisbees. x Shatner. Shatner, hi.

>give rocket to Shatner. take quarter. x it. w.

>put quarter in machine. x banana. take it. (eat it. undo.) e.

>give banana to men. take frisbees. e. w. s.

>give frisbees to woman. take pony. n. e. e.

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Flexible Pants

Odd. You can go directly to your car without encountering or needing to solve either of this game's puzzles. Also, you can't wear the Spock ears.

>x desk. x window. x door. w. n.

>x gun. take gun. x electrodes. x man. shoot gun. s. s. d. d. n. e.

>x ears. take ears. x Shatner. x beret. take beret. x cage.

>put ears in cage. take beret. wear it. w. s. s.

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Pants on the Run

The game that forced me to download TXD. Like, honestly. I'm expected to spontaneously use a non-standard verb* with an invisible object based on obscure cultural knowledge? EEEAGH. You don't even tell me that "Mr. Tambourine Man" is a SONG.

>x workers. s. x Shatner. s. x Bob Dylan. happy birthday Bob Dylan.

*Okay, okay, technically "happy birthday" isn't a verb. That just makes it worse. Besides, my singing is abominable.

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Triple Bear Beer

Alas, I only managed a score of 4 out of 5.

>x shatner. x girls. x beer. score.

>jump. score. ook. score. eek. score.

>x girls. snap. (Yes, it's guess which stereotypical gay mannerism that the author is thinking of. What about "tell girls about me"? "come out"? "swish", even? *sigh* You can tell a straight guy wrote this: he misspelt "Barbra".)

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