SpeedIF Crinkle-Cut


SpeedIF Crinkle-Cut (2002-03-23) [4c] [Baf's]

The solutions below are by David Welbourn and are based on the specified release or version of each game. See also the SpeedIF pages at FourCoffees and Baf’s Guide.

Dining With the Alien

Getting the cereal is easy enough. But how do I fill up the trash bag when it isn't a container? Or wash the dishes? Or, most importantly, get that coat hanger out of my shirt?

>about. i. x coat hanger. x shirt. remove shirt. drop hanger.

>s. w. e. w. s. x tv. s. e.

>x Xrys. talk to Xrys. ask Xrys about anything.

>x box. take box. x milk. x fork. x toaster. x lever.

>x fridge. open it. x milk carton. x bread. eat bread.

>x mustard. x egg carton. close fridge.

>x sink. x cabinet. open cabinet. x bag. x liquid. x fungus.

>x cupboard. open it. x bone. x pops. open pops.

All right, enough with examining the scenery...

>push lever. z. (Continue waiting. Xrys will get the hint... in the end.)

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Dithyrambic Bastards

>about. x books. z. (continue waiting until you see John Donne)

>x me. x Donne. n. s. (oops. Why is the north exit to the south?)

>i. x Love. x pit. look in pit. x Blake. x eagle. x mole. n.

>ask Blake about pit. ask eagle about pit. ask mole about pit.

>x rod. x bowl. n. put Love in bowl. n.

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Glacial Rift of the Dick Cavett

Has some funny dialogue similar to that in a chat room. Uses three simple graphics, one for each of the three characters. Some minor problems with the left margin.

>about. x me. i. x blue page. e. x Dick.

>talk to Dick. g. x ghost. talk to ghost.

>talk to Dick. g.

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The Travels of Fitzwilliam Pound

Travel the globe, in a quest to rid yourself of a cursed marble. In South America, your sidekick catches fire because of the heat.

>s. s. n. n. n. take pole. put marble in hole.

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