SpeedIF EXTREME (2002-02-01) [4c] [Baf's]

The solutions below are by David Welbourn and are based on the specified release or version of each game. See also the SpeedIF pages at FourCoffees and Baf’s Guide.

And Then is Heard no More

You are Hamlet, locked in swordfight with Laertes. You cannot leave, dropping your sword has no effect, nor does trying to attack anyone else.

You can examine your sword, King Claudius, Osric, Laertes, Horatio, Queen Gertrude and "kote". But you will die within five turns, unable to break the deadly sequence unless you do the following two highly-unlikely-to-be-guessed actions:

>kiss Laertes. curse author.

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Here's a verbose walkthrough for this very abridged version of Shakespeare's play "Othello":

>x tbl. x fd. x knf. take all from tbl. n.

>x dessy. kiss dessy. kill dessy. x dessy. kill me.

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Romeo, Juliet and the Dog

Warning: don't stay near the priests until you have the means to attack them. The priests will kill you if you hang around long enough for them to notice you.

>x me. x Juliet. x pulpit. kiss Juliet. kill me.

>x pews. look under pews. x doo. x pill. take pill.

>n. x priests. e. n. knock on women. s.

>x star. take star. n. w. s.

>Juliet, take doo. (She doesn't pick up the doggy doo; instead, she goes to the Women's Room. And only variations of this command will convince Juliet to go there.)

>n. e. knock on women.

>x glass. x water. take glass. put star in water. s. w.

>z. (continue to wait until a priest says he'll kill you for watching the movie Titanic.)

>throw star at priest. x ring. take ring. e.

>knock on women. give ring to Juliet.

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It might help if you were familiar with the Shakespeare play "Titus Andronicus". But then again, the clues here aren't exactly subtle.

>x me. x Lavinia. x Chiron. x Demetrius. x stove.

>kill Chiron. kill Demetrius.

>x Chiron. take Chiron. x Demetrius. take Demetrius.

>put Chiron in stove. x Chiron. eat Chiron.

>put Demetrius in stove. x Demetrius. eat Demetrius.

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The Weird Sister

>about. xyzzy. x me. x scale. take it. s.

>x body. search body. x grease. take grease. n. n.

>x cauldron. look in it. x list. read list. take it. n.

>x stone. touch stone. look under stone. x toad. take toad.

>x root. take root. s. w.

>x can. read can. take can. w.

>x Jew. take liver. x Turk. take nose. x Tartar. take lips. e. e.

>put can in pot. put toad in pot. put scale in pot. put root in pot.

>put liver in pot. put nose in pot. put lips in pot. put grease in pot.

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