SpeedIF Jacket


SpeedIF Jacket (2002-04-21) [4c] [Baf's]

The solutions below are by David Welbourn and are based on the specified release or version of each game. See also the SpeedIF pages at FourCoffees and Baf’s Guide.

The Circus of Sadness

>take nose. wear it. n. ne. w.

>x tent. w. w. (gun falls into your lap)

>z. (continue to wait or wander until Bozo appears)

>shoot gun at Bozo.

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The Count of Monte Cristo

A very abridged story presented in three chapters: Escape, Freedom, and Revenge. Simple enough to play, but there are missing objects (eg: the people) and general bugs (eg: unwanted error messages) that detract from the narrative.

I should point out that taking the sun is NOT a bug; that one is intentional (reread the quotes at the beginning of the game).

>x door. x window. x floor. open slab. d.

>x object. take it. e.

>x bag. look in bag. x body. x slab.

>take body. w. drop body. e. close slab. enter bag. sleep.

>x sun. take sun. n.

>x purse. take purse. i. x diamond. pay. s. e.

>give purse. x cross. take cross.

>e. x box. take box. give box.

>x table. x glass. take glass. give glass. z.

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The Midsummer Banquet

Sorry, I'm still stuck in this one. Here's what I've got:

Mansion Steps

>about. credits. x scarecrow. w.


The butler prefers that you hand over your jacket, but neither option appears to have any effect on the rest of the game.

>x butler. 2.

Banquet Hall

I haven't found any way to refuse the drink, or otherwise not participate in the toast. Events will not proceed until you drink.

>x glass. toast. drink.

Bubbling and Hot

Not much to do here except wait it out.

>x water. smell water. z. z. x beam. z.

Banquet Hall

Avoid looking at your salad, when it arrives, to maximize your time talking to the people.

>x soup. eat soup.

>x Thor. x Freyja. x Count. x Countess. x Rorik.

>talk to Count. talk to Countess. talk to Rorik. 1. 1.

Talk to Thor and exhaust his topics. Known topics are: greetings, class, mathematics, work.

>talk to Thor. 1. topic class. 1. 1. topic mathematics. 1. 1.

Talk to Freyja and exhaust her topics. Known topics are: restaurants, work.

>talk to Freyja. 1. topic restaurants. 1.

Examining the salad starts the final sequence in motion. Unfortunately, I don't know any way of preventing the final outcome.

>x salad. eat salad. z. (Continue to wait or try new things until the camel arrives.)

>x tray.

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Shangri La

Yet another story about a bear who thinks he's a Pez dispenser.

>about. x me. think. open head. x pez. eat pez. n.

>x date. kiss date. x date. n.

>x kid. push kid. x kid.

>x camper. x me. s. x camper. s.

>x camper. ravish camper. s. ravish camper.

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>about. x me. i. read letter. x race. e.

>x woman. kiss woman. x soul. w. w.

>x mouse. ask Rorik about soul. ask Rorik about plan.

>ask Rorik about Wilford. give soul to Rorik. x soul. e. s.

>x superego. take it. eat it.

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Super Skunk

The full title of this game is quite long; I'm not repeating it here. Oddly, Super Skunk doesn't know the verb SPRAY.

>x me. x Richard. x Alexander. x Threat. x Justice. e

>x Uranus. x gas. take gas. e

>x shelves. x cake. take cake. eat cake. x Rizla. w.

>x leaflet. read leaflet. take leaflet. x roach.

>x dolphin. heal dolphin. x bud. roll joint. x tulip. s.

>x flame. light tulip. e.

>light tulip. smoke tulip. w.

>give tulip to Richard. (or to any of the NPCs)

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Toxic Sewage (A (Love) Story)

Note: Once in the sewer, you cannot return.

>s. x desk. open drawer. x papers. push button.

>n. n. n. open cover. d.

>n. n. u. x me. w. w.

>x creatures. x openings. x glistening. in.

>x attendants. x jelly. x queen.

>take jelly. give jelly to queen.

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