SpeedIF Orange


SpeedIF Orange (2002-02-23) [4c] [Baf's]

The solutions below are by David Welbourn and are based on the specified release or version of each game. See also the SpeedIF pages at FourCoffees and Baf’s Guide.


The plan: traverse a maze to reach Significant Other.

>e.e.e. n.w.n. n.w.s. w.n.u.

You should now be at Room 131. S.O. giggles; this is the first indication that the maze is 3-dimensional.


You should now be at Room 134. Some early versions of Appallatron have a bug which lets you go east from Room 134 to Room 201 (and vice-versa). If your version has this bug, take advantage of it:


However, if the bug is fixed, you'll have to take the longer intended path:

>w.w.u. s.e.s.d. s.e.n.u.

>w.s.w.w.d. e.d. s.u. w.u. e.

You should now be at Room 302. This is where you learn that the maze is truly 4-dimensional, and the 4-D directions "ana" and "kata". Should you choose to explore it all, you'd find that the maze is surprisingly large (4×4×4×4). But in this walkthrough, we'll head back to Room 1.

If your version has the bug, the short route is:

>w.d.w. w.w.w. d.s.e. n.e.s. s.e.s. w.w.w.

Otherwise, take the long route:

>w.d. e.d. n.u. w.u. e.e.n.e.d. s.d. s.w.n.u. n.w.n.d.

>w. d.s.e n.e.s. s.e.s. w.w.w.

Welll... Okay. One little detour. From Room 1, try going "ana" three times, then return to Room 1:

>ana. ana. ana. kata. kata. kata.

Okay. Here's the minimal solution, from Room 1:

>kata. kata. kata. xyzzy.

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Descent of Man

>d. x man. x plant. hit plant. man, give coin to me. x coin. s.

>x ferryman. x boat. x river. give coin to ferryman. in.

>x god. x sword. pray.

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Kiss Chase

Very similar to an earlier game, "The Carthage Corn Maze". You are Chris Banks, wandering in a simple maze of oddly-named rooms, with oddly-named people who are also wandering. Every person, including you, has a corresponding medallion somewhere in the game. The idea is to kiss the person who is holding your medallion while you are holding his/hers.

Because the actions of the other people are randomized, a conventional walkthru can't be written. I can only suggest possible strategies.

First, don't carry the medallion of Chris Banks. You can't give it to anyone; your future beloved must pick it up him/herself.

Second, ignore the keys. Let the other people worry about unlocking and opening doors.

Third, don't pick up medallions unnecessarily. They only make you a target for kisses that will force you to drop them anyway. Drop any medallions that aren't the medallion of the one who holds your medallion.

Fourth, kiss anyone holding two or more medallions, or anyone holding their own medallion. You want to encourage the other people to find their own beloveds also, if only to stop them from bothering you.

Fifth, if you feel someone is holding your medallion, search for that person's medallion exclusively and ignore all others. Pick it up, or kiss the person holding your beloved's medallion and take it. Then find your beloved and kiss him/her.

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