SpeedIF Pi-Theta-Aleph-Parallax


SpeedIF Pi-Theta-Aleph-Parallax (2001-07-21) [4c] [Baf's]

The solutions below are by David Welbourn and are based on the specified release or version of each game. See also the SpeedIF pages at FourCoffees and Baf’s Guide.

The Grade 3 Parallax

Do anything you like for six turns. Then answer with the word suggested at the very very beginning of the game.

>x king. x lunchbox. x students. x window. x desk. z.


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A Parallax Dream

>x fixture. take it. x desk. x computer. turn it off.

>x tetherball. take it. w.

>x dispenser. push button. x loops. eat loops. w. n. s.

>x June. x desk. x plaques. n. e. n. out. z.

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The Parallax Moon Bar Conspiracy

>i. x key. x bar. x towel. take towel. x stage.

>x door. unlock door with key. open door. e.

>x basket. s.

>x machine. x funnel. x button. push button.

>put towel in funnel. push button.

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Peter Theta Fixes The Holodeck

>i. x doh. eat doh. x key. s.

>x Asterix. x Alvin. n. e. n.

>x door. unlock door with key. open door. n. u.

>x box. take box. d. s. w. s. give box to Alvin.

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Pick Up the IF-Archive and Pi

>n. x lights. x ball. take ball. s. s.

>x amoeba. give ball to amoeba. s.

>x Asterix. x chair. z.

>x skeleton. search it. x spike.

>push skeleton. x X. break X.

>hit floor. (or light spike.)

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Captain Speedo, Episode 112

The second speedIF with graphics (for the episode title).

You have one turn to repel the meteor shower, but you missed hearing what Jarb's next instruction was. So plan on typing "u" for "undo" a lot. The logical path to the winning ending is:

>i. undo. x remote control. undo. push remote button.

Other steps you might try between the undoes:

>x poem. x pack. x Jarb. x equipment.

>x generator. x lever. x dial.

>x invertor. x invert button.

>x synchronizer. x X. x Y. x Z.

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Squeaky on the Moon

Help Alvin the Chipmunk rescue a cat.

>w. n. e. x computer. in.

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The Theta Point

Timing is critical once you get nine or more points.

>x bench. x dough. take dough. i. x ax. x scope.

>e. e. take suit. wear suit. xyzzy. push button.

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