Solution to Sweet Sixteen

ring, call garage,

Get film
n, u, s, w, n, examine shelf, get film, s, e, n, d, s

Get rid of father
nw, open cabinet, get pan, get spade, open refrigerater, get steak, turn on stove, cook steak, se

Get lighter and key
e, get lighter, sit, get key, w

Get lantern and map
nw, n, e, dig, dig, drop spade, get map, se, examine shed, get lantern, light lantern, drop lighter, nw, w, s, se

Get camera
ne, get camera, load film, sw, drop map

Get chains
n, u, s, e, s, examine cabinet, get silver key, n, w, n, u, s, unlock padlock, get padlock, drop padlock, open cabinet, get chains, drop silver key,

Get laid
n, d, s, s, get nova, n, n, d, d, examine stairs, unlock panel, open panel, attach chains, e, chain nova, drop lantern, raise skirt, drop suit, fuck ass, remove halter, suck tits, lick pussy, fuck nova.